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The Servant Network Timeline:

~1990--Fourth Grail War: The 4th Grail War occurs just the same as it does in Fate Zero.

~2000--Fifth Grail War: The 5th Grail War follows the Unlimited Blade Works True Ending route wherein Cu Chulainn killed his master in order to save Tohsaka Rin before dying himself. At the end of the war when Saber destroys the grail, she unwittingly purifies Angra Mainyu releasing all of the evil and taint that he has held in check for so long.

2010: When Tohsaka Rin and El-Melloi II dismantle the Great Grail, the last checks holding back the taint and corruption are released, allowing it to spread into all parts of the world including into those parts connected to the Throne of Heroes and other such mystical locations.

~100 years later: After a time of relative quiet during which the corruption has continued to grow and spread, it gains enough power and sentience to create a war of its own. On the outside, Corruption's War is modeled after the Grail Wars to the extent that at first it is believed that they have merely started again. Those selected to participate, though, soon find out that the rules they were expecting have very little to do with the actual rules.

Important Events of the War:

Please note that most of the events below focus on Team Lancer because Dia has, in an effort to appease the Association, given them a full account of the things he experienced.  Events that Dia didn't witness, but are known were told to him by Arturia Pendragon during the time they spent together in the Great War.  Other events, including the identities of several of the participating servants are unknown.

 Servants in the War:
Saber: Arturia Pendragon
Lancer: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Dia)
Archer: ??
Rider: ??
Berserker: ??
Caster: ??
Assassin: ??
  1. Lancer's Master's family is murdered during his summoning ceremony by a rival mage who has been promised a wish by the corruption should he carry out his task.
  2. At first, his master doesn't blame Lancer for what happened. In fact, it focuses them on winning the war so that they can use the wish to return his family to him.
  3. As time passes, the corruption begins to speak to his master promising that it will give him his family back without making him win the war. All he has to do is sacrifice his servant to it.
  4. His master refuses at first because he respects Lancer's loyalty and determination, but as time passes and they meet/learn about more of the servants, his master begins to consider the deal.
  5. After a near defeat, the corruption comes to his master and finally convinces him to accept the deal.
  6. Lancer's master uses two of his command spells to keep Lancer from being able to move and severs his right arm which is then used as a sacrifice to the corruption.
  7. The corruption uses his arm as a link to completely absorb Lancer and take control of him. Lancer's mind is still aware of what is going on, but he cannot control his body.
  8. His master has his family returned to him, but the family is aware that things are not right--that they should be dead. The wife commits suicide shortly thereafter and the master's son snaps, killing himself, his sister and his father.
  9. The corruption uses Lancer to kill several master/servant teams despite the fact that his is missing an arm. The power and regenerative abilities given to him by the corruption more than make up for the lost limb.
  10. Saber (Arturia Pendragon) eventually is able to corner Lancer in a place where the corruption is weakened and cannot just pull him back to safety. She uses Excalibur on him to 'release him from his dishonor' and Lancer is able to gain control of himself just long enough to force himself to take the hit. He is purified of the corruption and returned to The Throne of Heroes.
  11. Saber and her master will go on to win the war, but gain nothing from it since the corruption's goal wasn't to give a wish to such a pure person, but instead gain power from giving wishes to all the rest of those involved in the war who were far from pure at heart.

~50 years later--The Shatter: The corruption is quiet again, but quickly growing power thanks to the war. As a result of its growing infiltration, the Throne of Heroes shatters releasing all of those on it out into the world. Most of the Heroic Spirits released come into the world as the class they were summoned or would have been summoned into. However, those who strongly align with more than one class find their classes blending so that they can access skills from all of their classes.

The Great War: With so many powerful heroes free to act on their own wishes in the world, it is no surprise that soon after The Shatter a great war begins with different heroes battling it out with each other to settle old vendettas or maybe just gain some land of their own. As more and more incidents erupt all around the world, The Mage's Association (The Association) begins to gather Heroic Spirits who are willing to help stop the war. In exchange for stopping the war, these Heroic Spirits were offered the chance to go and live as normal people after the war as long as they follow a certain set of rules designed by the Mage Association to help keep their presence a secret.

Important Notes from the Great War:
1. To help groups of heroes work better together, those who had similar skills or backgrounds were often placed together in units. This is how Dia and Set met. They worked with each other though most of the war.
2. Dia has mentioned that he fought with Saber (Arturia Pendragon) during the war and knows she survived it, but has lost track of her since then.
3. Even though there were a great many servants who fought on both sides of the war, there are just as many who stayed out of it and out of The Association's eye.

Post Great War Notes:
1.Many servants who were aggressors in the war, but survived it, were taken into custody by the Mage's Association. It is assumed they were used as the first batch of test subjects, but there is no way to know for sure what happened to them.
2. Servants who fought to stop the Great War and survived the war each set up a personalized contract with the Mage's Association outlining the rules that they had to live by in order to keep their mystical origins a secret from the normal people they would be living around. As long as the servant follows the rules of their contract, they are allowed to live as a normal person. Should they break their contracts in any way, they will be detained by the Mage's Association in order to 'protect' those living around them.
3. Before leaving, each servant is given a phone number that is a direct line into the branch of the Association that will be dealing with servant affairs. Along with being a direct link, the phone number also identifies each servant to whoever they are connected to, though this is never told to them.
4. Many servants have taken shortened versions of their names or alternate names so that they can better blend into society
5. Any servant who was called into a war still has full memory of being in that war.  Because of how the corruption messed with things, they never lost those memories though they should have.  For example, since Dia was in the 4th war and Corruption's War, he has memories of both of those wars.


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